General Terms and Conditions of Business

By joining the agency bcasted, extras, models, actors, bit-part actors and actresses commit themselves to accept the following rules and to carry out the jobs reliably and as professionally as possible on behalf of the agency. We are not obliged to place you; you are not obliged to accept offers. It is not a contract that is concluded.

§ 1 Request

An enquiry means that you are eligible for the shortlist of bookings. If you agree to the requested date, this date is to be kept free until the agency or production announces a cancellation or rejection.

§ 2 Agency mediation

The total agency commission is 20% of the negotiated fee.

Exceptions: No commission is due for extras and fees under 80 Euro.

For fees between 81 € and 149 € 5 % commission

For fees between 150 - 399 € 10 % commission

For salaries between 400 - 499 € 15% commission for salaries above 500 € 20% commission

§ 3 Job handling

3.1 Punctuality

You undertake to arrive punctually, to take care of the journey (route and vehicle) in good time. Delays must be reported immediately by telephone and apologies must be given. In the event of extreme delays, the agency reserves the right to pass on to you any deductions from fees or claims for damages from the customer.

3.2 Appearance

If no special arrangements were made at the time of booking, please use the following: no greasy hair, discreet make-up, breakfast, shaving of the bar (by arrangement).

3.3. props

The production/agency will tell you what to bring to the event when you book. It is essential that you bring these things with you and they are part of the booking.

3.4 Job behaviour

Friendliness, reliability, patience and courtesy towards the team on site are taken for granted. They have to follow the instructions of the director, the photographer or the customer's ideas as far as they concern the agreed work. If the customer makes different demands on you on site, this is not to be clarified with the customer himself, but the agency is to be informed immediately by telephone, which will then negotiate with the customer. Declarations of renunciation or assignment of rights will not be signed at the job, unless it has been so agreed. (Exception: extras on the set sign the declaration of assignment of picture and sound rights) In principle, absolute silence prevails with regard to agreed fees towards the client and other actors.

3.5 Failure to perform the job

If you do not make the booking, although a binding booking has been made, the agency will charge the customer for any claims for damages that may arise. If this behaviour is repeated, the agency relationship is terminated. In case of illness a medical certificate must be presented (does not apply to extras). In the event of force majeure, the Agency must be informed immediately so that it can endeavour to find an adequate replacement for the Customer.

3.6 Publication of telephone numbers

The private telephone number or mobile numbers may not be given to the Customer. In special cases, the Agency will issue these to the Customer. Please let us know if the customer calls you directly. Please also let us know if you are called by persons who are not employees of bcasted or who do not refer to bcasted.

§ 4 Fees

This paragraph does not apply to extras.

The agency negotiates with the client the fees per professionalism of the actor/actress and the value of the job. The actor/actress writes an invoice to the agency after completion of the job and is responsible for taxation. In case of a business registration the agency has to be informed about the tax office and tax number. The agency commission must be deducted from the above-mentioned fee on the invoice and shown separately. If the Client has paid the commission, the fee will be paid by bank transfer. If the stated fee is accepted with a booking confirmation.

The negotiated fee is subject to secrecy and is a matter between the performer and the agency. The fee is not to be disclosed to third parties (i.e. photographers, models, directors, team, etc.).

§ 5 Invoicing

The original invoice must be sent to the Agency. The invoice with all the details stated in the booking confirmation will be sent in full and in Word or PDF format by email. (Exception: extras)

§ 6 Absence

Should availability not be guaranteed due to holidays, long illness, stay abroad, bookings from other agencies etc., please inform us in order to be signed out for jobs.

§ 7 Optical changes

Significant changes in haircut/hair colour/weight gain/tatoos/skin disease must be reported to the agency immediately. As soon as a visible optical change has occurred, the agency requires new photo material.

§ 8 Castings

If no current demo material of the actors is available, a casting is often held for play or speech roles before the customer is selected. Either the customer organises the casting itself or the agency organises a casting on its own premises. There are no fees for castings and the journey to castings. For castings a video recording is made. Auditions, playing of small scenes, pre-production etc. are required. The casting decides who best meets the client's expectations. Here all rules apply as in § 3 (job handling).

§ 9 Follow-up orders

If the director, photographer or client wishes to book the actor or actress for follow-up orders, this must be done exclusively through the agency. The actor/actress must inform the agency of this and inform the customer, director, photographer. Should the Agency become aware of a private processing of follow-up orders, the agency relationship may be terminated.

§ 10 Travel expenses

No travel expenses will be reimbursed for extra duties. For bookings within a radius of 50 km, no travel expenses are generally reimbursed, unless the customer expressly accepts them. In the case of travel expenses/travel costs, either the flat rate agreed in advance, the train ticket on receipt or, with the agreement of the customer, the reimbursement of the price per km shall apply. Taxi costs will only be reimbursed after agreement and approval. The journey is to be made by public transport. All travel costs will only be reimbursed against receipts submitted with the invoice. Should overnight accommodation costs be incurred, these are usually paid for by the customer and may be specified by the hotel.

§ 11 Cancellation

If you no longer wish to be stored in the file, simply send us an email with your name. Your data will then be deleted.